3 Secrets Of Content Marketing Nobody Wants To Tell

Content marketing is a new way of promoting an idea or sending a message to an audience, as it involves the magic of words supported by images or videos. Marketers can use content marketing to promote or construct the reputation of a brand by building relationships with consumers. With the help of social media, one can build a long-term relationship with its customers by uploading creative and engaging material. There are some things that marketers don’t know about content marketing and are unable to achieve their goals because of it.

3 rare but vital points for quality content

1. Catchy headline and visuals

Headlines are a pretty important part that generates traffic to a website if the user finds it relevant.  If a headline will be relevant and catchy then the user will click on that website first.

The headline should tell the main idea of the whole content so that users can know what the content is about, how important it is, and why it is worth reading. A headline is the main reason why a user clicks on one article than another as it creates a desire in the heart of a user to further dive into its content.

Content should not only contain words as readers are bound to lose interest and bounce off that page, by adding attractive or unique pictures one can make readers stay interested in one’s content. Pictures that appeal to the reader’s eye are a majority on children and animals as these are the one thing that readers always love.

Now towards some researched data that will convince readers about the importance, it has in content effective delivery and understandably. 3M study declares that visual is the 90% of the data that the brain processes and in comparison to text; images are processed 60,000 times faster by the brain.

And the stats collected by HubSpot are worth noting.

  • Internet users respond 40% better to visual than to plain text.
  • Visual posts produce more engagement on than plain text does on Facebook.
  • The main decisive factor for a reliable company is web design according to 46.1% of people.
  • One will generate 15 times more traffic to its webpage with the help of infographic as compare to simple text.

  2. Generate emotions

We can generate emotions in the readers with help of our words and content. There are some contents that can bring joy to our faces, some can bring tears and some can set our body in motion. We can take the help of emotional targeting where marketers play with consumers’ emotions after knowing what emotion causes which action.

When preparing the message that will cause emotions it is important to follow the points that are mentioned below.

  • Message should be shorter because readers are not good at remembering big messages they only remember very short messages.
  • Then identify what sorts of emotion one wants to generate in audience shock, fear or happiness.
  • Check what sort of emotion messages is generating.
  • Then find suitable pictures that will compliment it so that message is effectively send.

Ways to generate emotions

1. Anger

This is rarely used by marketers, these contents are majority time used for informative purposes to show the audience about crimes and injustice so that they can protest against it.

2. Joy

Companies who want to associate happiness with their products usually show happiness and joy in their content which brings positive feelings to customers. Tourism ads use these tactics in their content when they show beautiful places and show happy tourists.

3. Fear

Insurance companies and Health Agencies use these emotions where they show a situation where if a customer will not follow their message then the customer can face scary consequences. This tactic is also used by companies who want to inform customers about limited offers so that they could buy things quickly because of fear of not availing of this offer.

4. Sadness

This sort of emotion is generated in the audience to make them sympathize with others so that they can help others; you can see these emotions in UN ads or government ads, where they want to persuade viewers for charity.

3. Paint a picture

It is very important for a writer to write in a manner that will take readers in the new world, where the user will find himself in the writer’s world and will keep imagining every word that one reads until the end and after ending his reading journey one will find itself in the normal world once again. In order to make them imagine writers should use words wisely and those words should use 5 senses which are sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch, by including these senses in words readers will easily get lost in the writer’s world. This is a great technique that is included in poems and that’s why many love poems because it takes them to a new world.

Another technique is used which is called onomatopoeia which is commonly used in poems and comics and uses a single word to describe the sound. Other techniques are metaphor, similes, analogies, hyperboles, idioms, personification, and symbols.

Metaphor and similes are comparisons of two nonsimilar nouns but the difference is the uses of words for comparisons, in metaphor we use “is” and in similes we use “as” or “like”.  Analogies are comparing two objects for similarities, hyperboles are over-exaggerated statement, idioms are phrase that has different meanings than spelled, personification are figures of speech that treat animal, thing or concepts like human being and symbol is representing a concept or idea with the help of an object or word like batman represent justice and superman represent hope.


As there are thousands of content uploaded daily or maybe millions but only a few of those content receive heavy traffic, the reason for it is that those content miss out on the most important aspect of quality content but we have mentioned those points that will make one a successful content marketer. So whenever one is writing content don’t forget to concentrate on headings, visuals, emotions, marketing, and currency. Make sure that by reading one’s content reader will visualize one’s words, by paying attention to these things one is bound to get maximum visitors daily.

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  1. Hi Vishwajeet, I like this one with your tips – especially to paint a picture. I’m working on that along with the headlines. I struggle with headlines even with headline tools. Finding a balance for the SEO and the wording and length for titles. It is not as easy as one thinks 🙂 Thank you for these tips.

    1. Hello Lisa,

      Headlines play a great role in attracting users and driving traffic. You are right. Creating an attractive headlines is a tricky job.
      I am happy that you have liked the content and found it helpful. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Vishwajeet Kumar

  2. The awesome tips shared by you will definitely helps a lot.Vishwajeet Kumar made 4k on upwork that will be my blog headline I am sure

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