Targeting Masters in Computer Science in 2022? Here are Things to Know

Computer science (CS) has been a constantly affecting subject for many years. Nearly all industrial sectors use CS applications and principles for everyday tasks. All business and operations are now handled online via computer science. Universities in all major countries have countless computer science programs to offer. You can select from the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, and many other countries to browse your options.

Targeting Masters in Computer Science in 2022

Employment and career opportunities in computer science have always been a booming section. By 2030 computer and information research scientists’ jobs are projected to grow by over 20% in all popular countries. However, it’s not only about jobs and professions. The earning opportunities are also consistently high in the computer science field. With a CS degree by your side, you are most likely to be successful in your professional life.

Computer Science and Its Value

When you target a master’s program in computer science, generally known as MSCS, you have to consider further options. The specializations in computer science can cover an entire industry. For example, people are wondering if data science is a good career or not. They don’t realize that this also is a discipline of computer science. If you are wondering whether you should do a master’s in computer science, consider the top areas in these subjects. It may not solve everything, but it surely will help you decide.

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Computer science is the most diverse and spread over the field. Computerized job roles are now a priority. Even in other sectors, having a somewhat CS understanding is like an MBA. With this, your candidature for a job is put above your peers. In the case of education and all, you can make your profile more valuable with even small computer science qualifications like online courses or some certificates.

Keep your eyes open and learn the important things going on in the industry. It’s all about maintaining the best possible options. Choosing a field with one or two nice areas can be disastrous in certain situations. However, a degree like CS always paid off. Even in worst-case scenarios, you have countless options.

Top 10 Universities for Computer Science and Programs 2022

Universities from all around the world offer computer science degrees. Because the subject is so common, you get a wide range of options. In many cases, students have to look for universities with the program they wish to apply to. But in the case of computer science, you can choose to let go of this concern. No matter what tier a university is, you will always find some degree there in their CS discipline.

Whereas you can find a nice computer science course almost anywhere, few universities are the best in the business. So here are the 10 best universities globally that you can target for a computer science masters in 2022:

RankUniversity NameProgram Name
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
2Stanford UniversityMS  in Computer Science
3Carnegie Mellon UniversityM.S. in Computer Science
4University of California, Berkeley (UCB)Computer Science M.S.
5University of OxfordMSc in Advanced Computer Science
6National University of Singapore (NUS)Master of Computing – Computer Science Specialization
7Harvard UniversityMaster’s in Computational Science and Engineering
8University of CambridgeMPhil in Advanced Computer Science
9ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of TechnologyMaster Computer Science
10EPFLComputer Science – Master


Having done a computer science degree, you can avail countless career opportunities. However, the biggest point you get to consider is working in an international market almost anywhere in the world. With a masters in the most demanding and well-developed industry, getting desired results in your professional life is easier.

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