8 Apps That Boost Your Instagram Stories

Instagram is the most usable social network after Facebook and Twitter. Instagram Stories and Reels are booming these days. In this post, We are going to show you 8 apps that boost your Instagram Stories.

Social media has progressed with booming facial feature spirits when it comes to connecting with your loved ones. With all respect, the digital world has become our second home where we interact with animated emojis that visualize our egos and emotions on screens. However, these smiley grins, gnaws, galls, and other miscellaneous mood delights to gut-reaction stickers available on almost every up-to-the-minute platform have become mainstream.

Precisely, smartphone addicts always need updates and breakthrough apps mirroring new ways to reciprocate posts and messages sent to family, friends, and followers. With the world advancing in every timeframe with tech-savvy timeline endowments, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more.

Today, Instagram is one of those places that assimilate different scenarios of letting others know how you are feeling or what you are up to. Numerous impressive integrations have taken Instagram to new heights of glamorizing the effect of communication with people. The photo-sharing app has edged right atop with something instant, something more notably imposing for other users – Instagram Stories.


Here’s my top favorite for applying cool aspects to your Instagram Stories. Available for both iOS and Android, you can use this app for endorsing transitional effects to clips of different videos with a fluent rendition. You will never feel combined clips merged mismatched or presentably unprofessional amid Videoshop refines your minute minuscule narration with striking effects of transfiguring videos together with music, filters, and even slow-motion effects as well.

Adobe Spark Post

The best package you can get for your Instagram Stories is exclusively from the Adobe family. This software company has always been a proud maker of patches that uplift graphics to fascinating facelifts. All of us remember those old days when Adobe flash held the master key to initiate video streaming to maximum effects, offering the best-animated visuals. This app endorses similar magic amends like the exclusive Newt Scamander Coat that’s already mesmerizingly blue.

Today, it’s all about Instagram Stories and how to add some intensive upshots to them. Well, Adobe’s Spark Post adds life to your matter-of-seconds content into an awe-inspiring fingertip’s tap. This clip-complementing app garnishes a trio trifle to your three most crucial concepts – posts, pages, and videos.

Additionally, you can decorate your posts with terrific text imprints together with filters to give your presentation a standout effect. Adobe Spark Post relishes giving you a subtle grant with graphics when it comes to pages and videos as well. For your websites, you can use words and pictures with specific magazine-style results to impress readers. Besides, you can add compelling cinematic and syncing soundtracks to your videos. These days, this is a real deal if you’re looking to add up a facelift charm to your Instagram Stories.

Hype Type

Here’s another Instagram Story groomer that’s iOS exclusive. The name of this app might be telling us that there’s something much more to behold into it. Not really to give you that specific feisty fancy garners to your 5-to-15 second videos, but lets you bedeck words prominently.

You can add personalized animated text for your clips and boomerangs as well. Although you’re not allowed to customize font styles and colors, this becomes overshadowed by its intuitive UI that really captures the heart. Users can add music layers to video clips and Hype Type offers the unique ability to let you trim your video slides to your preferred dimensions desirability.

Filmmaker Pro

This is another hit on the iPhone when it comes to bringing life to your Instagram Stories. This app lets you edit portrait ratio aspects of (9:16), for the landscapes (16:9) and square (1:1) video trimmings with easy functionality. In order to shift between these three pictographic settings, you have to tap on the + sign. To toggle between different colors modes, you have to hit the gear icon. The best feature of this iOS exclusive app is that it lets you download custom fonts as well.


Delicate to the looks and defining when it comes to its use, Canva is one surprising Instagram Story high-spirited replenish. It comes with pre-set inbuilt templates to let you have a responsive method to go through the design process.


Canva is simple to use and ideally user-friendly with an array of pristine patterns with a list of different layouts to select from. Available for both mobile OS – Android and iOS, this app has plentiful elements to choose from including adjustment, brightness, blurring, cropping, and rotating images as well. Astonishingly, Canva offers brilliant extras too, which adds more aristocracy to your Instagram Stories. You must try this at least once in a while to understand its easy-to-use charming complexity. I bet you’ll love it!


One of the best apps for editing pictures and that could benefit your Instagram Stories as well with its spellbinding beauty effects. The user interface of Snapseed is one of the simplest, yet engrossed with plentiful filters and effects. This app is highly rated, which has become a popular add-on to add flairs to your pictures when sharing them on social media. In addition, the best-known facelifts you can add to your chocolate-box panoramas comprise Glamour Glow, Drama, and Retrolux.

InShot App

One of the most prolific Instagram Stories editors with many options offering an outstanding richness to your video clip formats. This mobile application is available for both iOS and Android to let you draw decisive conclusions to your miniature streaming at the top of your Instagram accounts. To add to its non-complex appeal, it lets you apply facelifts to your pictures and videos and attunes them perfectly with some amazing filters. InShot is handy for promptly converting your videos in congruence with your Instagram Story feed size.

Moreover, you can trim your videos as per your liking as well. Few options you can use with the impressive InShot app include adjusting speed, deleting sections, merging videos, sync sounds, adding mesmerizing music effects, and various other templates configure as well. Incontestably, this app has a diverse range of settings you can add to your Instagram Stories.


One of the most creative apps for on-the-go editors, trying to artistically shake things up for their Instagram Stories and tell people about themselves in a matter of seconds. CutStory is the best app to segment your long video into shorter frames and save them inside your camera rolls. This mobile application focuses on soft points to address your ideal story grid for the most popular photo-sharing platform.

With CutStory, create integrated clip stories of your preferred durations, create some amazing slideshows, pick your favorite background theme that runs well with your video niche, and add signatures and stickers to heighten the effect a bit.

Over to You

This one is one of the favorites and kept as last for readers enthused enough to read this long post of the best 8 apps that boost your Instagram Stories. Let us know in the comments how these apps help you.

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