5 Major Advantages of Electronic Signature Software

E-signature software has been increasingly popular in recent years, but when was the last time you used it? The contract may have been for a new home, a non-disclosure agreement, or even new employment. E-signatures are growing more and more prevalent, with two-thirds of corporations and one-third of private individuals using them at least once a month, according to a recent study.

5 Major Advantages of Electronic Signature Software

There are several uses for e-signature software, including e-commerce, delivery and logistics, subscription services, public petitions, and more. Businesses of all sizes, including small and medium-sized ones, are increasingly turning to electronic signatures, and that figure is predicted to rise by 30 percent over the next five years.

In spite of the advent of free electronic signature software, many businesses still use traditional paper and ink-based signatures. What is an electronic signature, and why are more and more businesses embracing this method of signing documents?

What is an e-Signature, and How Does it Work?

E-signatures are digital signatures that are created by the software for each individual user and are legally accepted. Individuals may use their digital signatures again and over again by creating an electronic signature, which is appended digitally to a document. As with conventional paper signatures, a digital signature shows that the signer knows and agrees to the terms of the document they are signing.

e-signature software allows you to simply pick your signature by clicking on a field in a document. It’s possible that you could use a stylus or even your finger on a touch screen to draw your signature instead of relying on technology to do it for you.

Many nations currently recognize electronic signatures as a genuine means of signing papers, which were initially approved in the United States in the year 2000.

5 Advantages of Electronic Signatures Software

Several e-signature firms currently provide the ability to securely produce and sign digital documents. However, if you’re comfortable signing documents with a pen and paper, why bother with this new technology? Here are five reasons why e-signature software can be a good fit for your company:

1. Speed

E-signature software’s strongest selling feature is its ability to instantly collect signatures for your papers. To gather a signature from an individual consumer, you would typically need to print out the document, mail the document to them, then wait for their signature before mailing it back – a procedure that may take several days.

Instead, clients and business colleagues may get all kinds of papers by email, then use the finest electronic signature software to send back the signed documents straight to you. In other words, contracts may be signed and sealed within minutes.

2. More Protected

A further advantage of using e-signature software is the ability to safely produce and keep digital copies of documents. Organizations that rely on paper and handwritten signatures face a variety of dangers, such as false signatures, missing records, or even fire.

All of these concerns may be avoided with the best electronic signature software. It is possible to encrypt all of your papers, information, and signatures using e-signature processes, which can be used to send and receive documents, as well as store them in safe digital places. Security breaches are far less likely as a result.

3. Simpler and More Pleasant Onboarding

Your onboarding procedure may leave a lasting impact on both clients and new workers.. Signing documents like non-disclosure agreements, contracts, and other agreements may be a cumbersome and time-consuming task when done the old-fashioned way. Electronic signature software, on the other hand, streamlines and expedites the entire process, making for a lot more positive first impression.

4. No Paper

Using electronic signature software eliminates the need for paper when gathering signatures for your company’s documents. Paper, printing and mailing expenses are reduced, as is the cost of document storage and filing, which is especially essential for companies that deal with a large volume of signed papers. Electronic signatures may save firms a lot of money, space, and time by allowing them to reuse rooms that were previously used for filing.

5. Post-Pandemic Solution

Following standard paper-based processes has become more difficult in an age where more and more employees work from home. To transmit papers to clients, staff who do not have access to printers, paper, or envelopes at home must come into the office every day, which will diminish their productivity.

With electronic signature software, your teams can swiftly and simply email papers for signing regardless of where they are, making this technology ideal for our post-pandemic era.

WeSignature’s Electronic Signature Software

A world leader in workflow automation, WeSignature makes it easy for organizations to generate signatures online, swiftly map out important processes, produce contracts, and collect client signatures. With WeSignature e-signature software, you may save time and money by automating the signature collection process.

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