5 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself from Cyber Phishing

In this age of information where everyone and everything is connected to the web, the risks of losing valuable information have gone up. Frauds and various cyber traps are out there to milk data from you and in the worst cases, steal your money. It is, therefore, crucial today to protect yourself from Cyber phishing attacks by being informed. Through this post, we tell you the critical tips which you must follow to keep yourself digitally safe.

1. Practicing Safer Browsing Habits

The most basic advice that we can give you to be safe on the web is by practicing safer browsing habits. It may be tempting for you to click on the ads telling you that ‘you’ve won the latest iPhone,’ but trust us, nothing is free. Never click suspicious links or ads as more often than not they will come out as fake. Such links, advertisements, and sites are made to harness your personal information to sell to third parties.

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We suggest that you visit only the sites that are trusted, which most of the browsers inform you about. Please do not download or install pirated software on your computer and save yourself from the most common traps of the internet where you are offered something for free, but in reality, you pay them with your data and bank credentials.

2. Emails from Strangers Pose Risks Too

A widespread fraud that plagued the internet years ago and still doing rounds over there is fraudulent emails. Such emails often tell you that you have won prize money of a large sum and the sender seeks your reply with your banking credentials to be able to transfer it to your bank. It may sound incredible, but it is, unfortunately, a way to con you. Never reply to such emails and instead mark them as spam so that in the future you don’t have to see them again.

It is also essential that you use trusted email clients like Gmail and Outlook for your email conversations as other sites may not be secure after all.

3. Using Antivirus on Your Devices

How much care you may be with your internet practices; there will always be an opening for a virus to creep in your device and affect it adversely. It is, therefore, wise to have a trusted security suite installed on your computer as it will prevent malware from entering the devices.

The Zonealarm anti-phishing is one such software that you must consider using on your PC as it will take care of all the security issues that your device comes across. It is not only your computers that require safety from malware, but your smartphones are also in need of it. So, make sure to secure your device using such antivirus programs.

4. Browsers and Extensions

The suspicious extensions that you use in your browsers can many times become the reason for the data that you may leak to the developers of that extension. The only suggestion here is to download browser extensions only from safe sources. To be immune to it, you will also require a high-quality browser like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, where the ad-blocking features and a dedicated store for the development of extensions make them worth reckoning.

5. Keeping Your Device Up to Date

Who knows your device better than its manufacturers? Be it Android or Windows; it is critical to be using the latest versions of their OS like the developers of this platform fix the vulnerabilities in their systems through OTA updates. Using updated software and OS will bring down the chances of your devices coming under cyber threats.


These are the 5 simple ways to Protect Yourself from Cyber Phishing attacks online. By putting these five simple steps into practice, you are assured of having a safer experience on the web. Knowing these practices will help you deal with your online security in a much better way.

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