7 Best Android Travel Apps

The idea of traveling to a completely new country sounds exciting and fun but in practicality, one has to take care of many important things. Here in this post, We are going to tell you about the 7 Best Andriod Travel Apps.

Making a list of travel essentials, places to visit, eateries to go to, and shops to collect souvenirs from sounds easy but in reality, it is not.

7 Best Android Travel Apps

Making a list of everything from scratch in a traditional manner has been deemed old-schooled. One should take the utmost advantage of mobile apps as the Google Play Store contains numerous travel and local apps that are necessary to have while traveling.

Here are the 7 Best Andriod Travel Apps that can make traveling fun and easier for you.

1. TripIt

A travel planner app, TripIt has been made to eliminate the hurdles of making basic planners for travel to any part of the world. Now you will not face any hassles in looking for important checkpoints, eateries, and places that could be visited. This app allows you to merge all your travel plans and ideas into a single interface and from there you can access the things that you deem essential. Your location and travel planning details can even be shared with your contacts after you have linked the TripIt app to your email.

2. Roadtrippers

Another useful addition to travel planning apps, Roadtrippers can be a good substitute for a traditional travel planner. You can look for places to visit as well as plan your complete journey present on the map of your current location. Discover new places, destinations, and attractive landmarks that no one would have told you about. This app contains every intricate detail of various different locations. From eateries to places for sightseeing, this app has everything you would need for your travel journey.

3. Waze

Waze is a bit different from the two apps we have mentioned already. It does not let you devise a travel plan instead; it makes the notion of traveling easier for you. If you happen to be stuck in traffic, you can use Waze to find the nearest routes to save yourself from wasting your precious time. This app is categorized as a navigational app and it takes real-time data from your smartphone to predict the most feasible and nearest route for you. Waze can be a good substitute for Google Maps as it has an extensive list of unique features.

4. Townske

Towns are solely dedicated to the notion of traveling but it has been designed with a unique twist. You can enhance your productivity while using this app as it contains extensive information and details regarding any place you are visiting. One addition to its features would be that it has been based on the React environment and that has made its UI design easier to navigate and access. Most brands belonging to different domains have already begun to opt for react native framework. Therefore, it will not be so far in the future to see companies and individuals look for the best react native development agency to work with.

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FLIO is your companion in an airport lounge. Instead of finding the right routes and locations for you on the map, FLIO provides you with easier pathways to the airport you currently are. You might be thinking that this app works on a local spectrum but it does not. FLIO has information about worldwide airports so no matter where you are, you can easily access and use it. Currently, FLIO has formed an association with over 300 different airports so you can directly check the ones that are affiliated with FLIO directly from the app.

6. PackPoint

A travel packing mobile app, one should always have this app in their mobile arsenal. PackPoint allows you to make a checklist of the items and products you need on your travel journey. On a single app interface, you can form the list and exclude items from it once you have packed them in your luggage. To commence with the app, just make your profile, add your preferred destination and add the reason for traveling. The app will create a list of everything you should pack itself but you can customize it further.

7. Airbnb

Lastly, you would need to find a place for accommodation throughout your travel journey or you might need one for a night’s stay. Calling guesthouses or hotels one by one is not a productive thing to do. This task has become simpler after the emergence of the Airbnb app. Using this app you can put in the place you are visiting and you will be displayed all the potential apartments, houses, and hotels you can stay at during your trip. The booking can be made for a day, a week or even a month and the charges will be shown to you accordingly.


These are the 7 best Android Travel Apps that make your traveling easier and more adventurous. I hope you will use these traveling apps and share your experience with us all.

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